In mid-2009 Soulines decided to finally start doing for living something that they really love and enjoy. Being discerning music lovers and trained musicians with solid experience in recording, mixing, production and sound restoration on the one side and trained mechanical engineers on the other, Soulines decided to commercialize their long-time hobby and passion, turntable tweaking/upgrading/redesign/building.

the idea

Building on the idea of Soulines own turntable design, the company wanted to create a high-quality record player that would be exceptional. The idea was to combine musicality and beauty in an electro-mechanical object that plays vinyl records.  At the same time, their focus was on “ease of use and set-up”.
The result is Hermes DCX turntable.
After extensive listening tests and great success at the 2011 Belgrade Hi-Files show, Soulines decided to offer the Hermes DCX turntable worldwide.

And so, the Soulines company was born.