Radiance AV was Born out of a Passion for High End Audio

Other forms of entertainment may come and go but music always was, is now, and always will be, an essential ingredient to nourish our souls. Music is eternal! Radiance AV was born out of this eternal passion.

To ensure that our beloved Australian Audiophiles have a balanced diet, we have assembled the finest collection of high end brands and accessories that not only work well together but have been hand-picked for their quality, service and support. Like our manufacturers we work with, we believe we’re only as good as our network of dealers across Australia. Our network is assembled of passionate like-minded people that simply want to ensure that music is reproduced the way it should be.

Radiance AV has been operating in the field of high quality audio and room treatment distribution since 2009 and has always strived to only work with brands that pass our stringent tests and meets our high end standards, what’s not good enough for us is certainly not good enough to our customers. Our brand synergy is important to us and a symbiotic relationship of brand, dealer and customer to us is paramount.

We invite you to share with us our passion for audio, to experience our products at one of our many authorities around Australia and to capture the magic of the live experience.