ProAc Loudspeakers

All the finest speaker cabinets and components in the world are redundant without inspired design.

For over forty years, Stewart Tyler, founder and chairman of ProAc, has designed and manufactured high-quality loudspeakers which have earned international acclaim.

As a young child, Stewart displayed an unusual sensitivity to sound with an almost photographic aural recall of voices, music and other sounds.

This talent of acute hearing developed into a lifelong fascination with music of all genres.

Attending live classical concerts from the age of six, he soon became dissatisfied with the sound made by the hi-fi equipment of the era which failed to recreate what he had heard in a concert hall. He consequently modified his first loudspeaker at the age of twelve.

As a young man, he went on to earn a degree in electronics and acoustics, eventually building a loudspeaker of his own. Little imagining the eventual impact this creation would have on music lovers worldwide.