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Product Description

With the xo|stream, x-odos has extended its digital high-end range  with a pure music streamer.

The trend towards digital music archiving and loss-free streaming is continuing unabated.

xo|stream is the first streamer available on the market that has integrated the high-res streaming service VirtualVault® from HIGHRESAUDIO®, which provides amazing high-end sounds. The popular, loss-free streaming service TIDAL® is of course also supported by xo|stream.

Manufactured with loving attention to detail, the xo|stream shares the music in all rooms via NAS, a PC, USB or directly from the xo|one music server. The xo|stream app is, as you would expect from x-odos, an in-house development that enables intuitive, fast and stable control via iOS devices. “Simply enjoy your music!” – gapless, via S/PDIF up to 24 Bit/ 192 kHz as well as DoP (DSD over PCM).


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