Vicoustic Square Tile 60.4

Vicoustic Square Tile 60.4


Product Description

Square Tile 60.4

595 x 595 x 64 mm, 6 units per box


Square Tile 60.4 is primarily designed to absorb medium and high frequencies. Sound energy crosses through the perforated wooden surface and is absorbed by the foam material underneath.

Wood finishing is generally regarded as a noble surface treatment in architectural spaces, critical listening rooms and performance spaces such as concert halls and other venues.

Square Tile 60.4 can fit in standard 60 x 60 cm suspended ceiling frames.

Main Info

Ref: B00116 (Cherry), B00117 (Light Brown), B00118 (Nordic), B00119 (Wenge), B00120 (White)
EAN13: 5600301840135
HS Code: 39211310
Dimensions: 595 x 595 x 44 mm
Scratch Resistance: No
Washable: No


Functionality: Absorption
Absorption Frequency: Medium Frequencies
AW: 0.55 (M)
NRC: 0.700
Fire Class European (EN): Euroclass E


Units per Box: 6
Pallet Dimensions: 620 x 620 x 335 mm
Box Weight: 12.0 kg
Box Volume: 0.129

Raw Materials

Material: Wood, Foeam
Wood Type: Mdf Painted
Foam Type: M1


Wood Color: Cherry // Light Brown // Nordik // Wenge // White
Edges: Angled


Installation Place: Wall, Ceiling
Fixing Type: Glued



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