Vicoustic Flexi Screen Lite

Vicoustic Flexi Screen Lite


Product Description

Flexi Screen Lite

438 x 275 x 355mm, 6 pcs per box

Vicoustic’s lightweight version of the popular Flexi Screen provides a portable, easy to assemble, microphone surround whose polyurethane structure is designed to give maximum absorption efficiency.

Flexi Screen Lite has a dual functionality, absorbing the singer’s energy on the inside to give a less ambient sound, while at the same time, partially absorbing scattered room reflections on the outside. Flexi Screen Lite’s acoustic foam structure has optimum density and thickness, using a series of cavities both to reinforce the absorption effect and add structural support to the joint mechanism.

Flexi Screen Lite is suitable for use with a range of microphones and can be adjusted either vertically or horizontally. The unit can be assembled in less than 15 seconds making it ideal for location-based recording venues, project studios and classrooms.

Main Info

Ref: B00169
EAN13: 5600217588336
HS-Code: 39211310


Units Per Box: 6
Pallet Dimensions: 740 x 420 x 630 mm
Box Weight: 6.600 kg
Box Volume: 0.196 m3



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