Unison Research Unico Pre

Unison Research Unico Stereo Preamplifier

Product Description

Unico PRE is a hybrid stereo pre amplifier with a quasi-dual-mono and fully balanced configuration, designed with the aim of giving the best performances, a perfect integration with every audio system and the maximum versatility. The quasi-dual-mono configuration is well represented by the connectors layout on the rear panel.
For every input both the balanced XLR and the single-ended RCA connection can be selected via a front panel push button, the microcontroller will automatically recall the customer preset at every input selection.
The audio signal connections are completed by one XLR and two RCA output (one of these allows the customer to set the relative phase and to reduce the level in order to match every need for feeding an extra power stage or a subwoofer).
Tape-monitor loop and remote switching for UnicoDM are also available via the connectors on the rear panel. All the audio circuits are designed in a dual-mono structure, the channels are separated physically and electronically each one with its input selection stage, its own volume control board, its own amplification and power supply special-design circuit.
The volume control stage is designed around a stereo digitally controllable analogue attenuator (one per each channel!). UnisonResearch technical staff developed an original circuit, fully balanced volume control (also for single-ended signals, since we treat the input ground as an input) that ensures the best performances in matter of precision, balance, linearity and noise.
The amplification stage and the output stage are designed in a balanced configuration too, operating in pure class A.
The power transformer, non critical power supply and digital control circuit are enclosed in a dedicated department of the chassis, far from the signal path and shielded by a wide electromagnetic screen. Every function is managed by a microcontroller.
  • Technical characteristics
    • Frequency response: flat @ 10Hz ñ -0.2dB @ 100kHz
    • Input stage: Pure class A
    • Balanced tube stage (ECC82/12AU7)
    • Output stage: Pure class A Discrete solid state buffer
    • Input connectors: 4+1 unbalanced, 4 balanced
    • Output connectors: 1 XLR, 1 RCA (fixed), 1 RCA (phase selectable)
    • Dimensions: 17in x 7in x 5.1in
    • Net weight: 25lbs


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