Unison Research Absolute 845

Unison Research Absolute 845 Valve Integrated Amplifier

Product Description

Technical Sheet

Output Stage:
single-ended parallel, Class-A
Output power:
approx. 40 watt per channel
Valve complement:
6 x ECC82(12AU7)
2 x ECC83(12AX7)
4 x 845

Every company has its statement product but none come anywhere close to the 845 Absolute integrated amplifier for sheer performance and breathtaking design. Weighing in at around 90kg,  Absolute is a no-compromise work of art that represents the ultimate in high-fidelity. It was designed to satisfy the requests of the most discerning audiophiles whilst matching the sound with perfect aesthetics. Four 845 valves and numerous exceptional quality components contribute to a sound that’s spine-chillingly realistic and awesomely detailed. If you require the ultimate in sound and looks in an amplifier, look no further.

The popular American magazine The Absolute Sound first picked the Absolute 845 as the best product of 1994. After more than 20 years, the Absolute is still ranked first overall in tube amps with a score higher than any other amplifier. No other audio product has remained at the top of its class for so long. The Absolute 845 is not only the story of Unison Research, it is a significant piece of audio history in general, forever tied to the world of analog valves. In many ways, the Absolute is still unsurpassed.


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