Soundsmith MMP4 Phono Preamp



Product Description

Utilizing the same exact circuit design as the MMP-3, the MMP-4 is value engineered to offer very good performance at an entry level price point.

  • Preamp type moving magnet
  • Input Load 47kΩ 100pF
  • Gain 43dB standard ** or 34dB special order
  • Noise (unweighted) -92 dB down
  • Features high grade low noise components
  • Width 115mm
  • Hight 54mm
  • Depth 181mm
  • Weight 0.41kg

** Soundsmith “Fixed Coil” Moving Iron cartridges are best with 42- 44 dB gain preamps; most moving magnet and moving Iron cartridges will work well with our 43dB gain preamps, however, for VERY HIGH output cartridges (4.5mV or higher) we offer a 34dB gain preamps as an option ~ THD measurements 1kHz, ~0.004%

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