Soundsmith MCP2 Phono Preamp



Product Description

The Soundsmith MCP-2 is a high performance yet low cost way to enjoy your low output Moving Coil (MC) or Moving Iron (MI) cartridge. The SOUNDSMITH HYPERION, SUSSURRO, PAUA and Zephyr MIMC all mate well with this model. The MCP-2 boasts a unique feature; continuously variable loading (10 Ohms to 5K Ohms) via a rotary control to afford you complete control of
the high end response for your cartridge, system and individual listening preference. Featuring built in Soundsmith designed and manufactured fully shielded stepup transformers the MCP-2 has
been favorably demonstrated against preamps costing 3 to 4 times more with stunning results.

Soundsmith MCP2 Phono Preamp Specifications:

  • Preamp type moving coil
  • Input Load 10Ω – 5KΩ Continuously Variable R; 330pF Capacitive load
  • Gain 62dB
  • Noise (unweighted) -93dB down
  • Features, fully shielded internal transformer step-ups for ultra low noise and lowest distortion; Ultra grade audio grade components used throughout
  • Width 115mm
  • Hight 54mm
  • Depth 181mm
  • Weight 0.42kg

To Read a NEW REVIEW by Phillip Holmes of Dagogo on the MCP-2:  CLICK THIS!

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