Kharma Matrix Reference Speaker Cable

Kharma Matrix Reference: Loudspeaker Cable

Product Description

The Matrix Reference Loudspeaker cable is based on high quality pure silver and silver-gold conductors. The pure silver-gold conductors are made of very pure silver with a small injection of 24k gold. The quality of this silver-gold metallurgy is unchallenged. Also do silver and silver-gold conductors improve over time, where copper conductors degrade over time. Moreover silver is the best electrical conductor of all metals.

The conductors are treated with the Advanced Core Treatment 1.0 (ACT-1.0) and the insulator is carefully picked, so the pure silver conductors and the insulator make a perfect match. Flexible tubing is surrounding the conductors, which is fitted with high quality chromed metal casings. This cable is terminated with high quality silvered copper spades.

All this leads to a clear and very revealing cable, with lots of definition and an open and wide stereo image. This loudspeaker cable is handcrafted with expertise and dedication. No excess decoration and unnecessary complexity, make this cable true value for your money and without a doubt the best loudspeaker cable in its price league.


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