Kharma Matrix Reference RCA Interconnects

Kharma Matrix Reference: Interconnect Cable

Product Description

The Matrix Reference Interconnect cable is based on high quality pure silver-gold conductors. These pure silver-gold conductors are made of very pure silver with a small injection of 24k gold. The quality of this silver-gold metallurgy is unchallenged. Also do silver-gold conductors improve over time, where copper conductors degrade over time.

To protect the signal from unwanted external electromagnetic interference, the conductors are placed behind a very effective silvered copper shielding. This interconnect cable is terminated with high quality RCA plugs of a special non-magnetic copper alloy with 24k gold plating or silvered XLR plugs. These high-quality plugs are carefully picked, so the pure silver-gold conductors and the plugs make a perfect match.

The Matrix Reference Interconnect cable is handcrafted with expertise and dedication. No excess decoration and unnecessary complexity make this cable true value for your money and without a doubt the best interconnect cable in its price-league.




Type: KIC-MR-1a / KDC-MR-1a
Minimum length: 1 m
Standard length: 1 m
Options: Also available as Digital IC (KDC-MR-1a)
Connection types: RCA, XLR, BNC


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