Kharma Grand Reference: Interconnect Cable

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Product Description

The Grand Reference Interconnect cable is based on a large number of high quality pure silver-gold conductors which are positioned in a special star-like concentric configuration and air insulated.

The conductors are placed behind a very effective shielding to protect the signal from unwanted external electromagnetic interference. Besides a vibration isolating tubing reduces the vibrations to a minimum before reaching the pure silver-gold conductors. This Interconnect cable is terminated with high-quality RCA plugs with a solid silver-gold centerpin, which make a perfect match with the pure silver-gold conductors, realizing a high-quality one-material conductor-termination-circuit. The Interconnect cable is available in both the analog and the digital version, with several plugs.

All this leads to a clear and very revealing cable, with superb resolution, enormous dynamics, sweetness, air and an open and wide stereo image.


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