Audio Physic Avantera 25 Plus+
Audio Physic Avantera 25Audio Physic Avantera

Audio Physic Avantera 25 Plus+

Product Description

After a very positive public response to the launch of the VIRGO 25plus+ at the HIGH END 2012 show in Munich and fantastic international test reports, it is a logical consequence to apply the innovations and learning curves from the VIRGO 25plus+ to additional REFERENCE models. Yet this involves much more than simply “transferring” new technologies onto another loudspeaker. The design innovations in the AVANTERAplus+ are, for example, to be painstakingly matched to the crossover network, the drivers, and the cabinet – and represent once again the result of intensive detail work, comprehensive listening tests and the passion of the AUDIO PHYSIC development team to reproduce music as authentically as possible – true to the principle, “No loss of fine detail”.



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