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Acoustic Signature Invictus goldProducts by ACOUSTIC SIGNATURE first appeared in 1996. Worldwide prestige came as early as 1997 when Gunther Frohnhöfer and his team developed the first mass turntable and achieved excellent test results in Germany as well as in the US. Shortly afterwards these turntables were exported all over the world. Ever since their clear design and outstanding price to performance ratio have led to strong demand. Made in Germany is extremely important to Acoustic Signature, anything that is not made in house is purchased from the best local suppliers. Striving for perfection in order to create the perfect listening experience is an attitude found less and less frequently. To Acoustic Signature, though, this attitude has always been important, and they focus more and more on it. The team around Gunther Frohnhöfer now comprises 22 qualified co-workers, including goldsmiths, watchmaker, engineers, electrical engineers, precision lathe operators, and specialists in other fields focusing on development with cutting-edge CNC in combination with State of the Art CAD/CAM systems. All products are produced and assembled by hand by artisans situated at Acoustic Signature headquarters located in Süssen Germany near Stuttgart. Only this passion and the love for fine detail make it possible to create something truly great. Dedicated co-workers with a passion for building turntables for you. With a no compromise view on quality in materials and the highest quality of workmanship, meticulous engineering and manufacturing based on absolutely top-notch technology in the production machines result in precision mechanical products that set new standards. Acoustic Signature works hard, and every day we raise the bar.

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